Green and Proud! Ameritech Facility Services is proud to utilize sustainable building practices.

An Energy Management System helps your facility consume less energy, create less waste, and provide a healthier, more comfortable environment for your workers and patrons. Reducing waste and lowering energy consumption is not just good for the planet, it’s good for your pocketbook as well. In addition to enjoying reduced energy costs, companies who convert to more actively ‘green’ practices have a competitive edge with today’s increasingly environmentally-aware consumers.

Making responsible choices to protect resources for future generations comes naturally to Ameritech Facility Services. But showing others how doing the right thing has tangible benefits for their organization in the here and now is even more exciting. Helping client companies save money by optimizing sites to operate more efficiently is just another value-added aspect of our customer-first focus.

Ameritech Facility Services provides a full array of energy-efficient systems and services to industrial, commercial, retail, and institutional facilities across the United States. Find out how going GREEN can make a difference in your facilities today.